Improving the Use of ICTs in Schools





PEP’s ICT in Education Component is supporting the computerization of Macedonia’s primary schools by training teachers, developing maintenance solutions, providing digital content, and introducing innovative uses of ICT such as computer control, robotics, electronic music, video & audio recording. This components aims to:

  • increase the use of ICTs, across the curriculum, in primary schools and
  • introduce effective and educationally-useful ways of using ICTs
Knowing how to operate a computer is one thing. Knowing how to use to it to create learning experiences that promote thinking skills among students is totally different. PEP is working with Macedonian teachers, administrators and other stakeholders to develop a teacher training curriculum that provides teachers with the knowledge and skills they need to use ICTs effectively in the classroom.
In order to help schools maintain their computers and related equipment, (and therefore increase student’s everyday access to computers) PEP has introduced Student Support Technician Clubs (SSTC). The SSTC teams are made of older students who are monitored and managed by two trained teachers. At the end of each year the students will pick new SSTC members for training as SSTC members. Thus, the system will be self generating and the SSTC’s will always have new members.
The ICT component supports the development of digital content for Macedonia’s schools and helps to adapt and localize existing applications in Macedonian and Albanian. The focus is on Math and Science, but content is created across the curriculum. This will enable students to benefit from modern technology in all subjects.
PEP has introduced innovative hardware and software solutions in selected primary schools in Macedonia. The range of hardware varies from low-cost lap-tops to electronic microscopes, music recording equipment, robots and control technology kits. The purpose of this is to measure the impact that different solutions can have on educational outcomes and demonstrate to decision makers the range of ICT options for education available. PEP will monitor and support these schools during the life of the project.